CHEMICAL and PHARMACEUTICAL Machine Maintainence



Schmidt Industrial manufactures a wide spectrum of parts for some of the biggest mines in the world. Clutches, gearboxes and gear sets, crushers, mills, heavy-duty pulleys, replacement drums and drum shells, couplings, disc brake systems, pistons, pinions, and differential parts are all manufactured at our facility to keep your operation running with minimum down time.

Engine / Transmission

Schmidt Industrial supplies a huge variety of differential and power train parts for the mining industry. We carry a wide selection of wheel scraper, loader, haul truck, and compactor parts in stock resulting in greater savings, and rapid turnaround.

SI Piston
Industrial Crane Bearings
Industrial Crane Gear Box

Drum Hoists

We can manufacture drums up to 126 inches in diameter. Hoist drums are flame hardened and stress-relieved for high performance under extreme conditions. On previously used drums, replacement grooving and gearing are also available, refurbished according to OEM specifications.

Mining Equipment Crane Repairs
Mining Equipment Crane Drum Repairs
Mining Equipment Hoist Drum Repairs

Crane / Shovel

Cranes and draglines are regularly refurbished at our plant. Idler shafts, tail pulley shafts, guards, sprockets, spindles, rope sheaves, couplings, hoist gears, slew rings, bearings, pinions, booms, torque converters, are both manufactured and repaired at Schmidt Industrial.

Mining Equipment Hoist Coupling Repairs
Machine Repair Sugar Processing Equipment
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