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Schmidt Industrial manufactures critical replacement parts for the Oil and Gas Industry as well as distillation tubes, pressure vessels, rigging and booms. Our expertise and attention to detail result in less down time and savings for your operation.

Mud Pump Parts

Schmidt Industrial manufactures pumps as well as offers complete refurbishment. Disassembly, machining, replacement of parts / seals, and reassembly are possible for virtually any size or type of pump. We routinely manufacture impellors, pistons, shafts. Schmidt Industrial also manufactures entire pumps to custom fit any application.

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Schmidt Industrial manufactures an enormous variety of valves for the oil and gas industry as well as many other industries. Gate, Ball, Check, and many other valves are manufactured to original equipment manufacturer specs and available on short order.

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Replacement Parts

Trunnions, bushings, seals, and fasteners are all manufactured at our facility as well as distillation tubes and pressure vessels. We also carry a large inventory of pipe and couplings (up to 10" bore size).

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