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The mechanical requirements of the Sugar Industry are met by Schmidt Industrial nationwide. Diffusers, strainers, centrifugals, gear boxes, screens, valves and conveyors are manufactured and/or refurbished and delivered directly to sugar refineries resulting in minimal down time and extraordinary longevity.

Diffusers and Screens

Schmidt Industrial manufactures screens and diffusers, we also offer complete refurbishment of presses.

Sugar Processing Plant Maintainence Rotary Valve Repairs
Sugar Processing Plant Maintainence Rotary Valve Replacement Parts
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Repairs and Replacement Parts

Modifications and complete machining for all stages of sugar processing are done at our plant. Schmidt Industrial performs dye penetrant inspections, gearbox repairs, screw conveyor repairs, and centrifuge repairs. We also manufacture gearbox drive shafts, guardian shaft seals, mixers, and crusher rollers.

Sugar Processing Equipment Repairs
Machine Repair Sugar Processing Equipment
Machine Repair Sugar Plant Equipment

Strainers and Separators

Strainer basket and screen repairs are routinely performed at Schmidt Industrial. Press screen rolls, separators, and screw conveyors are refurbished as well as manufactured at our plant.

Sugar Processing Strainers and Separators
Rebuilt Strainers and Separators
Rebuilt Sugar Processing Strainers and Separators